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February 26 2020

The Decade of Sound Awake

The Decade of Sound Awake

To celebrate ten years of our second album, exclusively for five shows in Australia, we will be playing Sound Awake in its entirety. Tickets are on sale now.

Massive thanks to the extraordinary amount of people who signed up this week!

November 15 2019

The Vinyl Editions finally re-pressed

The Vinyl Editions finally re-pressed

Originally pressed in 2015 and released online only, vinyl editions of Themata, Sound Awake and Asymmetry sold out instantly, throwing all three albums back into the ARIA Charts. With these limited copies now fetching top dollar on auction sites, the band are stoked to have the opportunity to re-press the records. They are again pressed on 180gm black vinyl in gatefold sleeves with all lyrics and FLAC downloads.

The Vinyl Editions will be available in-store for the first time, worldwide from December 6, 2019. Pre-orders are available now.

August 22 2019

Headlining at NH7 Meghalaya

Headlining at NH7 Meghalaya

We’re proud and somewhat giddy to announce we are headlining the NH7 Festival in Meghalaya, India on November 1, 2019.

Tickets are on sale.



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